This is Kurtis Workman’s third year as a member of the board of directors of the Greater American Falls Area Chamber of Commerce; he is currently serving as Chairman of the Board. A native of American Falls, Workman spent 12 years pursuing a career in radio in such places as Tucson, AZ and Fargo, ND before returning home in 2012.

Since returning to American Falls, Kurtis has become involved in several community activities such as the American Falls Theatre Guild, Commander of the Sons of the American Legion detachment, and one of the newest members of the American Falls City Council. As a member of the city council, he is on the committee overseeing economic development as well as parks, recreation, and golf.

“I left home because there was nothing for me in American Falls, or so I thought. Upon returning, I found a vibrant town with an overwhelming amount of potential. I want to be a part of American Falls reaching that potential,” said Workman.

Kurtis Workman represents Snowflake Forge.

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